Top 10 Secret Computer Tricks in 2019

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Top 10 Computer Secret Tricks in 2019

Today i’m going to share top 10 computer secret tricks & tips that you should know. Top 10 Cool computer tricks to impress your friends . This is secret computer tricks you should know.

          Let’s Start


Video Tutorial :

Trick No 1 :

                                Download Youtube Video Just by Insert SS Before Youtube  Like :
      You can Directly Download Youtube Video simply
  •     Open Youtube

  •      Search & Play your Desire Video

  •     Insert SS Work Before Youtube Keyword

  •    Then Select quality and Press Download

  •    All Done.

Trick No 2 :

 Open your Recent Mistakely Closed Tab In Chrome 

Are you using internet on chrome and your important tap mistakenly closed by click on cross icon so Don’t Worry Apply this Method to get Back <<



                              CTRL + SHIFT + T

Trick No 3 :

                                                Show encrypted *******  Password as a Text

If you can’t understand then See Full Video At the Bottom

  •     Select full encrypted Password

  •     Right click on Password

  •    Click on “Inspect Element “

  •   Then Change “Password” Word with ” Text ” Word

  •    All done .

Trick No 4 : 

                                                    ⊗  Chrome Hidden Keys  ⊕

  1.  Ctrl+9 = Switch to the last tab that you recently Closed.
  2.  Ctrl+H = Show history of your Browser.
  3. Ctrl+J = Show Downloads .
  4. Ctrl+K = Move the cursor to the Address Bar).
  5. Ctrl+T = Open a new tab.
  6. Ctrl+Shift+T = Undo any closed tab.

Trick No 5 :

            Check Your Pc Usage 

Check your Current Pc usage, Processes,Performance, App History Program with simply one Computer Shortcut Key.

Apply this Method :

  •                      Press CTRL + ALT +DELETE  Key from Keyboard
  •                     Click On Task Manager
  •                     Click on ∇ Arrow
  •                      Now you can Check   Pc usage, Processes,Performance, App History Program & Much More.

Trick No 6 :   

           Hide Your Full Computer Drive/Partition

  • Right Click on My Computer
  • Click on “Manage”  Button
  • Click on “Disk Management” 
  • Now all the Partition shown
  • Right click on partition/drive that you want to hide
  • Click on “Change drive later & Paths ” 
  • Click on remove > Yes 
  • Now your Partition Successfully Hiden

Show Hidden Partition :

  • Again follow same step to show hidden partition
  • Click on Add where we click on remove button
  • Your Partition Successfully Unhide .

Trick No 7 :


Rename multiple files at a time in One Click.

  • Select all the files that you want to rename with same name
  • Right click on selected files
  • Click on > Rename
  • Enter name on one File
  • Your all the selected file name changed
  • Done


Trick No 8 :


 Rotate Your Screen Computer Screen.

  • When you on Computer Desktop

Rotate Screen with this Shortcut Keys

        CTRL + ALT + ← (keyboard arrow)

          CTRL + ALT + →  (keyboard arrow )

            CTRL + ALT + ↓  (keyboard arrow )

               CTRL + ALT + ↑  (keyboard arrow )

Trick No 9 : 

                                                    Rename your File Quickly

  •   Select file

  •   Press F2 Key from Keyboard

  •   Give Name

  •   All done

Trick No 10 : 

 ♦  Search History Cannot Save on Browser ♦


  •                   Open any Browser
  •                    Use Incognito Mode
  •                    Your search history can’t save .

Video Tutorial :

I Hope this article ⊕ maybe helpful for you

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